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For the last 15 years...

... my week has focused on my patients--men, women, and couples. About half have sexual difficulties, such as problems with erection, orgasm, lubrication, scary fantasies, desire (too low, too high, or too unusual), painful sex (both women and men), affairs (their own or their partner's), or internet pornography.

The other half of my patients bring in the rest of humanity's woes -problems with kids, in-laws, money, drinking, and that all-purpose description, "communication problems."

My style as a therapist is extremely flexible, because every patient is different.

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    Family counseling
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    Sex Therapy

    ... and other intimacy issues

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    Communication problems
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    relationship issues

Dr. Denisa Legac

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Dr. Denisa Legac

Therapy provided in English, German and Croatian.

I have spent my 17-year career as a Medical Doctor, Marriage and Family Counselor, Therapist, and Sex Therapist helping people understand… more
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Skype therapy

I am one of the pioneers in providing Skype therapy.

Skype Therapy can provide various advantages over standard therapy and in today’s modern life it makes excellent opportunity for many workpeople … more
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Anxiety, depression, intimacy or relationship problems, therapy is the way to go.

Counseling is needed when our issues cause difficulties in everyday life, and we start feeling overwhelmed. Contact me and find out … more


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"When it comes to therapy for individuals and couples, Dr. Denisa Legac is one of the best, and when it comes to Skype therapy, she is the best." - Dr. Marty Klein, Marriage Counselor, Psychotherapist and Sex Therapist

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