In today’s hyper-modern, virtual world, everything seems to have changed.
Traditional therapy approaches just don’t work as effectively as they used to.

Working for 17 years in the heart of Europe, I’ve been developing creative ways to harness what we’ve learned about people and relationships, coupled with what we’ve learned about linguistics, culture, history, and how narratives are constructed.

The result is a set of powerful therapeutic tools that are counter-intuitive—which I’m happy to share.

In this continuing education series, you’ll learn creative perspectives like:

  • Why we shouldn’t reassure patients that they’re normal
  • How focusing on male-female differences undermines intimacy
  • The advantages of discussing existential issues with almost every couple
  • Why “good attachment” doesn’t necessarily lead to desire & good sex
  •  …and much more.



Most of our couples pursue “intimacy” as if it were the Holy Grail—ever-elusive, not quite real, a matter of sheer luck. And like those medieval knights pursuing the Grail a thousand years ago, our couples usually approach their quest with insufficient knowledge of what they’re really after.

Most therapists have a general sense of what intimacy involves; but explaining intimacy’s actual nuts-and-bolts can be difficult. Finding the ideal vocabulary for each couple is a daunting task.

The INTENSIVE EDUCATION we will show you


  • Shared values
  • Explicit agreements
  • Conflict management
  • Empathy & self-soothing
  • Communication & meta-communication
  • Power dynamics
  • Ability & desire to connect

We’ll examine how to discuss these dimensions of intimacy; how to inspire curiosity and motivation to enhance couples skills; and how deal with intimacy and  disappointment, conflict, and the need for new agreements.

That’s when deep change is possible—an amazing experience for educators and couples attending.