Relationship issues

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Relationships sometimes go through difficult phases. Cheating and Jealousy have the power to destroy the primary basis of a marriage or a long term relationship.

Relationships sometimes go through difficult phases. Partners (spouses) may find themselves in states of unresolved conflict engaging in destructive disputes over and over again. Learning how to fight productively, while being honest and truthful to oneself and the spouse may be very painful and difficult at the time for both engaging parties.

Regaining trust after a betrayal asks for really hard COUPLES work. It is possible though.

What to do?

For starters take time to think and express emotions with clarity. If you find it hard to speak without being overwhelmed by strong and complex feelings over and over again, you may decide to seek professional help, either as a couple or individual. A good mediator will balance the partners and may help translate the feelings into an understandable narrative.


Complicated situations mostly cannot be resolved through simple solutions. That said it is very easy to stay angry, betrayed, disappointed, sad and in pain, without making any  emotional progress.
Searching for a victim or a perpetrator is a oversimplified, yet very common way to approach such conflict. It usually does not work out well for the couple.

KISS – keep it simple and smart.

— Think of what you need (at the moment).
— Think of what you want (at the moment).
Say it to your spouse it in a way that is understandable to him/her.
— Keep the passive aggression, or any kind of verbal aggression,outside of the communication zone. Use I statements. Don’t talk about the future unless you both have thought about it thoroughly.

— Communicate, communicate, communicate your feelings and your state of mind with your current partner, and if you feel you don’t know how; get help and learn how to.

Relationships heal – they heal you and they heal me

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