Skype therapy

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What does a Skype session look like?

Our first session includes an intake during which I get to know your background, including some medical information. We’ll also define your objectives—short-term, long-term, or both.

While we are not in the same room together during a Skype session, our relationship will develop in a similar way that the in-person therapy relationship develops.

I have worked with men, women, and couples using Skype for many years now, and I find no difference between the effectiveness of Skype sessions and office sessions.

I ask all clients to write down some follow up thoughts after each session. I encourage you to send this to me so we can keep track of your progress together. I understand that there are sometimes things clients want me to know that they’re not yet comfortable sharing verbally.

General information:

– please check that the microphone for Skype is working well. – sometimes the Skype connection is not fast enough for a proper video display. If that happens we’ll simply turn off the video off and continue with the session.
– please check that the area where you will be taking your call has a good internet connection (in many households the connection varies from room to room)
Physical state:
– please do not drink any alcohol prior to our session
– if possible, get enough sleep the night before our session
– if possible, arrange your privacy so you won’t get disturbed by people or incoming phone calls
– before our session, write down some notes about what you’d like us to address (you may send them to me as well)
– schedule 10 minutes after our session to rest and think about our conversation, which will help you digest what we worked on.

I hope you will find this initial information valuable.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to write,

Dr. Denisa Legac